Oregon vacationers: Lower the Cost of your Motorhome Insurance

Insurance might be a necessity, but spending lots of money on it isn’t. We here at Oregon Trail know that you’d rather be mapping out your next destination instead of worrying about your bank balance, so read our recommendations below and start saving. If you live in Oregon, we can help!

Splurge on Oregon Souvenirs Instead of Insurance

Safety saves: Not only is it smart, but a clean, safe driving record can also lower your rates. The safety equipment you choose for a vehicle may mean discounts. Ask us about other ways to be rewarded for safe driving and vehicle protection (such as off-street parking, anti-theft devices and more). In addition, taking a driver-training or accident-prevention course may qualify you for additional discounts.

One company + combined policies = lower cost: The more policies you have with a single insurance company (car, home, etc.), the more substantial the savings. Give us a call at 541-296-2395 to talk to us about combining your insurance policies.

More expensive recreational vehicle = more expensive insurance: Before you buy a recreational vehicle, motorhome, fifth-wheel or pop-up camper, check with us to see what it will cost to insure it. Expensive vehicles cost more to repair, maintain and insure.

Increase your deductible: By raising the amount you pay out-of-pocket for losses, you can save more on your policy. Ask us to explain the trade-offs.

Contact Oregon Trail Insurance at 541-296-2395 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about lowering the cost of your RV insurance in Oregon.

Oregon Trail: Call for a quote today at 541-296-2395.

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